Gardening Time

Here in Northern Arizona we generally have a bit of windy weather and a little rainy or snowy weather and then it warms up and is time to plant the garden.  Not this year!  I did manage to plant some peas, carrots and beets a few weeks ago but since then the weather has been conspiring against me.  I had purchased some plant protection during the winter so I decided to go ahead and purchase some tomatoes to plant about a week and a half ago.  I am glad I protected them since the weather turned cold again a few days later.

Last week the weather was warm at the beginning of the week.  Then the wind came through and cooled things off.  It sounds like we will get a repeat of that this week.  We have high wind warnings in place for tomorrow.  The I-40 corridor is especially susceptible to blowing dust and winds too high for high-profile vehicles.  If you had planned to visit the National Parks in the area you may want to change your plans if possible; especially if you are driving an RV.

The highlight of my stormy/windy week last week was that it got much better by the weekend.  In fact, it was so much better that I was able to take a tour from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon West.  I actually walked on the Skywalk!  It was freaky but I was able to walk on it (as long as I didn’t look down!) My husband, one of our daughters, and I had a very enjoyable day experiencing Grand Canyon West.  I highly recommend it to anyone who is headed that way.


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