A School Snow Day

Page, Arizona is somewhat unique in its school district boundaries.  Many of the students come from the Navajo Indian Reservation and a lot of the reservation (res) is at a much higher elevation than Page.  It rained overnight in Page but on the res it was much colder.  Rain turned to snow and covered the roads with a sheet of ice that made driving school buses unthinkable.  So, the official word this morning was “No School.”  People from other areas would look at the bare ground in Page and laugh to think that we had called a “snow day.”  But the residents of Page understand their surrounding communities and know that today was indeed a worthy day for schools to close.

In Flagstaff, the snow is deep and drifted as the result of a blizzard so their “Snow Day” is very understandable.  Even NAU, which doesn’t usually take a snow day, called it today.  In fact, I-40 is closed for many miles due to blowing and drifting snow and even I-17 is closed south of Flagstaff for several miles.  Sorry folks, no access to the Grand Canyon today.  Don’t assume that since the sun is shining in Phoenix it will be warm and pleasant at the Grand Canyon.  Quite the contrary!

Stay tuned for more about the canyons of Northern Arizona.


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